Specialising in 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s
nights, and rock ‘n roll evenings,
the Witchdoctor Oldies Disco has
been running in East Kent for over
20 years. With a vast knowledge,
matched by a huge catalogue of
music from the era, it’s a perfect
choice to step back in time, or to
enjoy a themed oldies evening!
Witchdoctor Oldies Disco
Jade Music are a small label who
concentrate on specialist genre’s
from decades past. It’s great music
that is sometimes hard to get hold
of now, often including tracks that
weren’t big individual hits, but which
have become popular within that
genre’s following.
Jade Music
Our music quiz nights have been
popular for many years, initially
only in our local area where we
presented them ourselves, but
more recently via our distributed
monthly quiz nights for pubs and
clubs. Find out how simple and
inexpensive it is to get involved.
Music Quiz Nights Franchise Opportunities
We quickly expanded our music
quiz nights in our own area, as we
knew which pubs and clubs were
the ones who were most likely to
either host one of our live music
quiz evening, or subscribe to the
monthly ‘do it yourself’ version. In
the same way, you’ll know where
to target in your area... far better
than we could. So why not make
yourself some easy spare time
cash? There’s no initial outlay, no
minimum amounts to sell, etc.
Click to find out more.