Music Quiz Nights
Our Music Quiz Nights have been running successfully
for many years. They are designed to appeal to a wide
range of participants, and are great fun to take part in
- no matter what level your musical knowledge is.

We offer two options :-

* Fully hosted music quiz nights in our local (Kent)

* Self-hosting monthly packages, with everything
   you need included in the inexpensive pack.

Whichever you choose, you’re assured of a top quality
product. This is not just another of the many poorly
produced tapes full of music clips. Each section of our
music quizzes is professionally edited to the same high
standard that we’ve used for similar competition clips
on BBC Radio programmes.

The majority of music is drawn from pop music charts,
ranging from the Fifties to the current day, but we also
include ‘special’ rounds that may feature such things as
television themes, show and film music, or even cover

Everything is provided, so whether you’re looking for a
fun evening with friends, or to generate extra income
for your pub or club, our Music Quiz Nights make an
entertaining alternative to traditional quiz nights. After
all, everyone loves music, right?