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Kudosmedia are travel media specialists, with experience going
back over 30 years. We fully recognise that video promotion is
now an essential part of marketing any destination, hotel, or
attraction, be it for a website, YouTube, or DVD campaign.

Using a range of broadcast quality Sony HD cameras, we can
offer a quality service, designed to be friendly and flexible, &
of course to meet your exact requirements.

We can also combine filming with our range of other travel
media services, such as article writing, radio & audio features,
or photography. Of course, combining your various media
requirements, and using a single experienced professional
organisation, makes sound economic sense, as we can offer
substantial discounts in many cases. With promotional films
starting at less than £200, why not give us a call, or email us,
to discuss your next production.
Travel Videography
A simple training video or filmed
examples can be a cost effective
method of instructing staff, or of
assisting potential customers.
More and more event organisers
are realising there are opportunities
for additional income from selling
DVD’s of the event. Don’t miss out!
Current DVD Catalogue
Please bear with us, while we are
working on adding new video to our site.
Shows & Showreels
Working with performing arts and
drama groups are a speciality for
us, & something we’ve been doing
for many years.
Weddings & Christenings
Weddings and Christenings cost a
huge amount of money, so don’t
pay over the odds for your video.
Give us a call for real value.