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For many people, a Wedding or Christening video is on of the
most important they will ever choose to have. Unfortunately
there are many companies who will seek to exploit the unwary
with offers of modern ‘arty’ films, or all manner of ‘expensive’
special effects. (Many of which are in truth just a single click
in the computer editing programmes!).

If you want that, and want the huge bill, feel free. We prefer
to offer a good, honest straightforward video, that will be a
long lasting memory for you, and you’re granny will still enjoy!

We will always film with a minimum of two cameras, to give a
more professional edited look. And if you want - we can have
a camera with both the bride and the groom simultaneously
before they leave for the venue.

Give us a call, or email us, to discuss your next production.
Weddings and Christenings
A simple training video or filmed
examples can be a cost effective
method of instructing staff, or of
assisting potential customers.
More and more event organisers
are realising there are opportunities
for additional income from selling
DVD’s of the event. Don’t miss out!
Whether it’s hotels, attractions, or
a whole resort, our long experience
in travel media gives us a unique
edge when filming travel subjects.
Current DVD Catalogue
Please bear with us, while we are
working on adding new video to our site.
Shows & Showreels
Working with performing arts and
drama groups are a speciality for
us, & something we’ve been doing
for many years.